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Was Nearly 25% of the US National Debt Incurred During Trump Administration?


Claim: Roughly 25% of the nation’s debt was incurred during the Trump Administration. Rating: Context A bipartisan package of legislation, passed toward the end of the Trump administration to combat the coronavirus pandemic, added roughly 3.7 billion to the national debt. On Jan. 17, 2023, newly elected U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy tweeted […]

Skin-Care Experts Answer 9 Popular Questions About Acne

Skin Care Experts Answer 9 Popular Questions About Acne - Skin-Care Experts Answer 9 Popular Questions About Acne

Nearly 50 million Americans are affected by acne each year, making it the most common skin condition, and one without a cure. This is the impetus for many companies putting pedal to the metal in research and development for new zit-zapping treatments, both over the counter and in-office. Here, experts answer nine popular questions about […]

The 4 Best Pull-Up Alternatives for Back Strength and Muscle

A person doing a pull up.

The pull-up is what many experienced trainers refer to as the “king of upper body exercises.” Although the common gym narrative is to test your worth by finding out how much you bench press, there’s so much more athleticism, utility, and overall transfer from testing your pull-up ability. It’s a movement that can truly separate […]