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Were 10M Mail-In Ballots ‘Lost’ During California’s 2022 Midterms?


Claim: California “lost” over 10 million mail-in ballots in 2022. Rating: Context Over 10 million people who were sent mail-in ballots (as part of California’s program of sending every registered voter a mail-in ballot) did not use them to vote in the 2022 election. This does not mean they are missing. On Jan. 18, 2023, […]

Is the JR-15 a Real Rifle Designed for Children?


Claim: The JR-15 is a real, scaled-down rifle designed to be “safe and instructive” for children. Rating: As 2023 began with a number of harrowing stories about children shooting themselves or others due to their access to guns, one company was selling a rifle that they said was “safe and instructive” for children. The JR-15 is […]

Modern Winemakers Are Bringing Back an Ancient Tradition

Pile of ancient amphorae on the seabed off Turkey

When ancient winemakers were ready to age their vino, they brought out the amphorae—multipurpose, narrow-necked clay containers with handles. The Phoenicians, one of the great trading powers 3000 years ago, stored wine as well as honey, milk, and olive oil in them, and amphorae containing wine residue were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Traders in […]

2023 Olympia to Take Place in Early November 2023 in Orlando, Florida

2022 CrossFit Rogue Invitational Results — Laura Horvath and Justin - 2023 Olympia to Take Place in Early November 2023 in Orlando, Florida

Central Florida in November should be a raucous party. Written by Robert Zeglinski Last updated on January 20, 2023 Every year, the best bodybuilders in the world prepare with one central goal: to win the legendary Mr. Olympia contest. Sure, there are other tentpole events like the annual (and now rather lucrative) Arnold Classic. Still, […]

Reese Witherspoon Looks Kinda Punk Rock With Slicked Back Hair and Smoky Eyes — See Photo

Reese Witherspoon arrived at the Truth Be Told season three premiere in a slickedback hairstyle and smoky brown eye shadow.

Reese Witherspoon might just be the very definition of good energy; every red carpet she’s been photographed on has come with a big smile. The last one, in particular, was at the Something From Tiffany‘s premiere, where she arrived wearing a hot pink lip color and her signature soft waves. On January 19, however, Witherspoon’s […]