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German Lawmakers Ask Cannabis Legalization Bill to be Expedited

World Athletics President Reconsider Cannabis Policies - German Lawmakers Ask Cannabis Legalization Bill to be Expedited

How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait to get permission from the European Union before introducing an adult-use cannabis legalization measure? That is the multi-billion dollar question facing Germany’s Health Minister who made a legalization presentation to Germany’s federal cabinet late last month. The presentation to the federal cabinet served as the first true […]

The Chilling Story Of John Jamelske, The ‘Syracuse Dungeon Master’

John Jamelske

Between 1988 and 2003, John Jamelske abducted women and girls as young as 14 and held them as prisoners in his secret bunker — where he raped them daily. Twitter/Criminal JusticeA depraved kidnapper and rapist, John Jamelske became known as the “Syracuse Dungeon Master” after his arrest and imprisonment. New York kidnapper and rapist John […]

The Ultimate At-Home Chest Workout for Bodybuilding

The Ultimate At Home Chest Workout for Bodybuilding - The Ultimate At-Home Chest Workout for Bodybuilding

If you’re working to build a superhero physique, you might occasionally train in your “fortress of solitude” or “bat cave” — meaning at home. Some lifters utilize home workouts to maintain consistency and training frequency when they can’t make it to the gym. Others may opt for the convenience of an at-home workout over the […]

Perfect Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns

Caramel dripping down the side of sticky buns with pecans.

These caramel pecan sticky buns (nuts optional!) are decadent and delicious with the soft dough, buttery cinnamon filling, and drizzly caramel. I’ve been working on a perfected, tried-and-true caramel pecan sticky bun recipe for a long time, and these amazing caramel buns do not disappoint! Lots of foolproof tips, pictures, and details below! Caramel Pecan […]

On The Set of Netflix’s “Bardo,” These Beauty Products Kept Actors’ Skin and Hair Hydrated in the Desert Heat

Movie still from Bardo False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths.  Daniel GimÈnez Cacho as Silverio and Ximena Lamadrid as...

Many hairstylists will tell you how hectic a salon can get, but Lucy Betancourt sees the salon floor busyness and raises you the chaotic hustle and bustle of a movie set – where she was tasked with keeping 100 actors from burning in the desert sun in Mexico. Temperatures there can reach 91 degrees, not […]

What’s So Great About CBG, CBN, and Other Minor Cannabinoids?

How to Properly Dispose of Cannabis Vaporizers - What's So Great About CBG, CBN, and Other Minor Cannabinoids?

As technology and science around cannabis advances, new cannabinoids are entering the marketplace. Research is pinpointing what these compounds are capable of and the results are encouraging. From slowing the spread of cancer cells to treating acne or promoting sleep, each cannabinoid has unique medicinal qualities. Let’s take a closer look at what the research […]

20 Merry Monikers for Santa (and Santa-Like Figures) Around the World

St. Nicholas

Whether he’s coming to town, double-checking his list, or kissing your mom, that rotund, rosy-cheeked gift bearer is probably Santa Claus to you. But around the world, he goes by many different names. Here are 20 happy handles for that mythical sled flier and other Santa-like figures. Kris Kringle is primarily a U.S. name for […]