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At least 20 killed in Colombia bus accident | News

At least 20 killed in Colombia bus accident News - At least 20 killed in Colombia bus accident | News

Investigators said they are looking at possible mechanical failures in the brake system as a cause for the crash. At least 20 people died and 15 others were injured when a bus overturned on the Pan-American Highway in southwestern Colombia. The bus was travelling between the port city of Tumaco, in the southwestern corner of […]

Tunisian protesters denounce ‘coup’, demand president steps down | Protests News

A supporters of the Tunisian Free Destourian Party raises a placard that reads in Arabic : "the country is bankrupt and the government is disabled", during a demonstration against President Kais Saied in the capital Tunis, on October 15, 2022. (Photo by FETHI BELAID / AFP)

Thousands protest in Tunis, accusing President Saied of a power grab and demanding accountability for economic crisis. Thousands of Tunisians have demonstrated in the capital Tunis, denouncing President Kais Saied’s moves to consolidate political power and demanding accountability for the country’s long-running economic crisis. Supporters from the Ennahdha party and the Free Constitutional Party held […]

One dead in flash floods on Greek island Crete | Floods News

Workers try to clear an area following heavy thunderstorms, in the village of Agia Pelagia, on the island of Crete, Greece, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022. It has been reported that at least one person has died with others missing due to the severe flooding. (AP Photo/Harry Nakos)

Greece’s biggest island Crete hit by powerful storm, causing flooding of houses, roads and trapping people in their cars. A man died and a woman was missing after powerful storms caused flooding on Greece’s biggest island of Crete, authorities have said. The Greek fire brigade said on Saturday that a 50-year-old man died and a […]

Tiffany Valiante’s Death And The Unsolved Mystery Behind It

Tiffany Valiante

Ever since Tiffany Valiante of Mays Landing, New Jersey was gruesomely killed by an oncoming train in 2015, the full story behind her death has remained a disturbingly unsolved mystery. Valiante FamilyTiffany Valiante had plans to attend college when she appeared to die by suicide in 2015. On a summer night in 2015, New Jersey […]

LOONA’s Beauty Lie in Their Versatility as “Concept Queens” — K-Pop Interview, Quotes, Photos

Image may contain Face Human Person Doll Toy and Yeri

For a K-pop enthusiast like myself, 2022 has become a turning point of sorts, with travel restrictions lifting and artists seemingly coming over in droves to — finally — perform for their fans in the flesh. (Virtual concerts just don’t hit the same, speaking from personal experience.) Few K-pop groups are buzzier than LOONA, a […]

Pakistan summons US envoy over Biden’s nuclear remarks | News

US President Joe Biden

US president said Pakistan is one of the ‘most dangerous’ nations which has ‘nuclear weapons without any cohesion’. Pakistan’s foreign minister says that the US ambassador to the country has been summoned after President Joe Biden in a speech said Pakistan “may be one of the most dangerous” countries in the world which had “nuclear […]

Review: The TikTok Hype About the Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation Is Very Real: See Photos

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It seems beauty products go viral on TikTok as often as the sun rises, but every once in a while, a product reaches super virality extending far beyond the beauty community on the app — you can usually tell this has happened when you see the trending product used as a hashtag under videos that […]

India slips in Global Hunger Index, ranks 107 out of 121 nations | Hunger News

Five-year-old Nasreen rests with her family's belongings as she plays under a flyover in Mumbai January 19, 2015

Asia’s third-largest economy has registered impressive economic growth in recent decades but it fares poorly on UN human development indices. India has fallen six positions on the 2022 Global Hunger Index, ranking 107th out of 121 countries in a report published on Friday. Asia’s third-largest economy fared worse than other South Asian countries such as […]

Can Cannabis Aid Gastric Motility Disorders?

Can Cannabis Aid Gastric Motility Disorders - Can Cannabis Aid Gastric Motility Disorders?

Ongoing research shows cannabis plays a role in gastric motility. Gastric motility is the action by which food travels through the digestive tract. The process is controlled by a series of muscles that line the digestive tract, causing muscular contractions known as peristalsis. When peristalsis is functioning normally, food moves from the mouth to the […]

High stakes gamble: Putin’s tactical nuclear options | Russia-Ukraine war News

Launch of a cruise missile of the Iskander tactical missile system during the exercise

Since February’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have suffered setback after setback on the battlefield, leaving President Vladimir Putin fewer choices if Russia wants to extract itself from what increasingly looks like defeat. Every major Russian setback triggers heated global discussion on whether Putin will resort to using tactical nuclear weapons in order to reverse […]