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Spotlighting Palestinian culture, despite Israeli restrictions | Israel-Palestine conflict


Occupied East Jerusalem – For 29-year-old Palestinian caricaturist Azeez Azeez, the Yabous cultural festival in Jerusalem was an opportunity to showcase his work, for the first time, in an art exhibition. In contrast to his art, which is often political and painfully blunt, Azeez is a light-hearted and youthful character. “Today, we no longer need […]

Chriselle Lim Shares the 11 Beauty Products She Can’t Live Without — Photos

A colorful shefie of beauty products

Chriselle Lim is one of the original influencers. She started her blog, The Chriselle Factor, in 2011, posting outfit-of-the-day videos, makeup tutorials, and product reviews before it was cool. Lim was also one of the first creators to monetize her point of view. “As I continued to build up content, there were a lot of […]

Watch Lizzo Play James Madison’s 200-Year-Old Crystal Flute During a Concert

james madison's crystal flute

During her September 27, 2022, concert at Washington, D.C.’s Capital One Arena, Lizzo whipped out a flute. That wasn’t surprising: The “Truth Hurts” singer is an accomplished flautist, and her performances famously feature flute interludes. What was surprising about this particular instance was that Lizzo wasn’t playing her own metal flute, but a crystal one […]

Problems in The Industry? Cannabis Giant Canopy Growth Sells Retail locations

Problems in The Industry Cannabis Giant Canopy Growth Sells Retail - Problems in The Industry? Cannabis Giant Canopy Growth Sells Retail locations

It’s the coolest industry in the world, right? Well, maybe it is, but for all the government claims of tax flow, it doesn’t seem to be the most lucrative. Now, as industry giant Canopy Growth makes deals to sell its retail locations, what does this really say about our coolest new industry? Canopy Growth selling […]

Who Gets to Be a Fashion Activist?

Who Gets to Be a Fashion Activist 1024x576 - Who Gets to Be a Fashion Activist?

When you think of the word “activist,” what comes to mind? It might conjure up images of placards, protests and petitions. These days, having a cause is a lucrative business, so much so that influencers and celebrities are embracing activism at a dizzying pace. As more fast-fashion brands look to join the sustainability conversation, they’re […]

Finland to bar Russians after Putin’s mobilisation order | Russia-Ukraine war News

Passengers of a bus from Russia to Finland walk to the border control at the Vaalimaa border check point in Virolahti, Finland

But Russians entering the country for work, study and family visits will still be allowed into the country, officials said. Finland will refuse entry to Russians with Schengen tourist visas starting Friday, following a surge in arrivals after Moscow’s mobilisation order to fight in the war in Ukraine. “The decision aims to completely prevent the […]

Apple Muffins Recipe – Love and Lemons

These apple muffins are moist, tender, and packed with juicy apple chunks. Crowned with a crunchy cinnamon crumble, they’re the perfect fall treat. On a crisp fall morning, these apple muffins really hit the spot. They’re moist, warmly spiced, and studded with tender chunks of apple. A sweet cinnamon crumble sits on top of them, […]

8 Of The Best Hugo Boss Colognes For Men: The Next Scent To Add To Your Grooming Routine (Updated 2022)

man holding up a bottle of hugo boss cologne

Since their release of the hit Boss No.1 scent in 1985, Hugo Boss has been making some of the finest men’s fragrances of all time. The hunt for the best Hugo Boss cologne includes everything from briefly lingering bangers to long-lasting gems, all at affordable price for cologne. They range from thinner eau de toilettes […]

Youth to the People’s and DedCool’s Fragrance Collaboration Has Launched: Here’s What to Know About the Cosmic Release Eau de Parfum

Two hands holding up the packaging box and glass perfume bottle of the Youth to the People X DedCool Cosmic Release Eau...

Youth to the People is, without a doubt, one of the most popular skin-care brands amongst Allure staffers and readers alike — as an example, the Superfood Cleanser has won our Readers’ Choice Award three years in a row. Yes, the brand does have some sort of “je ne sais quoi” that exudes an effortlessly […]

Russia’s annexation gamble: Why is Putin raising the stakes? | Russia-Ukraine war News

Women counting referendum votes around a desk

Russia’s attempt to annex southern and eastern Ukrainian territory signals the Kremlin’s commitment to the offensive, according to some Russian political insiders. “There is no doubt that Russia has crossed the Rubicon,” said Konstantin Zatulin, a senior lawmaker in the State Duma from the ruling United Russia party. Zatulin told Al Jazeera that the recent […]