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Remembering Queen Elizabeth II in Zimbabwe | News


Harare, Zimbabwe – In 1991, Queen Elizabeth II visited Zimbabwe for the meeting of the heads of government in the Commonwealth, a community of former British colonies. A photograph taken during the trip shows the host leader, Robert Mugabe, then-president of Zimbabwe, a poster child of post-colonial leadership in Africa at the time, smiling with […]

Queen Elizabeth is featured on several currencies – now what? | Explainer News

Wads of British Pound Sterling banknotes are stacked in piles at the Money Service Austria company''s headquarters in Vienna, Austria, November 16, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II has been depicted on British banknotes and coins for decades. Her portrait also has been featured on currencies in dozens of other places around the world as a reminder of the British empire’s colonial reach. So what happens next after her death this week? It will take time for the United Kingdom, […]

Explained: King Charles III accession to the throne | Explainer News

Britain's King Charles III greets well-wishers.

An Accession Council convened at St James’s Palace, the official residence of the sovereign, to proclaim the successor. Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history, died on Thursday aged 96, and her son Charles succeeded to the throne immediately. Here is an explanation of the protocol surrounding the official accession of a new monarch […]

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 199 | Russia-Ukraine war News


As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 199th day, we take a look at the main developments. Ukrainian forces have seized an expanding area of previously Russian-held territory in the eastern Kharkiv region after a surprise counteroffensive was launched this week. Ukraine’s rapid territorial gains have caught Russia off guard at a vulnerable section of its […]

Black pigs, green tea, and pink orchids – preserving China’s natural resources — Global Issues

Chinese black pigs

Friday, September 09, 2022 UN News China has a dizzying range of rich natural resources. The country is home to 10 per cent of all known plant species, and 14 per cent of all known fauna. The UN, with the Chinese authorities, is working to ensure that the benefits from these resources are shared in […]

In flood-hit Pakistan, Guterres appeals for ‘massive’ global support, tougher action on climate change — Global Issues

Secretary-General António Guterres (right, back to camera) along with Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan visit the National Flood Response and Coordination Centre in Islamabad.

Pakistan has been inundated with near continuous monsoon rainfall, flash flooding, and rain-induced landslides since mid-June, causing widespread devastation and casualties affecting millions of people across the South Asian country. Upon his arrival, Mr. Guterres was briefed on the latest developments and the Pakistan-led response by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto […]

UN committee ‘gravely concerned’ over treatment of people with disabilities — Global Issues

Ukrainian children with disabilities feel the strain far from home.

In a special report on the situation of people with disabilities in Ukraine, Jonas Ruskus, Vice-Chair of the committee said he was “gravely concerned” about the situation of people with disabilities in the country, since its invasion on 24 February. Mr. Ruskus told a news conference in Geneva that they are being kept in “inhuman conditions” and […]

Brazilian Woman Gives Birth To Twins With Different Fathers

Brazilian Twins With Different Fathers

Nine months after having sex with two different men on the same day, the 19-year-old mother gave birth to the “one-in-a-million” set of twins. As her twins’ first birthday drew closer, a Brazilian mother began to have doubts about the children’s biological father. Nine months before they were born, she’d had sex with two different […]