Daily Archives: August 27, 2022

UN condemns deadly air raid that ‘hit kindergarten’ in Tigray | News

A man crouches to inspect a damaged playground following an air strike in Mekelle.

UNICEF chief calls on all parties to agree to an ‘immediate cessation of hostilities’ as the federal gov’t denies involvement. The United Nations has condemned an air raid that “hit a kindergarten” in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, killing at least four people, including two children. “UNICEF strongly condemns the air strike in Mekelle, the capital […]

Reddit’s CEO Loves Blockchain Avatars, but He Isn’t Saying ‘NFT’

Humble Bundle's Summer Sale

Reddit announced its new NFT avatars alongside a promotional video back in July. The company was hesitant to even call them NFTs when they were first unveiled.Gif: Reddit My Reddit avatar could not look like me if it tried. None of the hair options available can really match my receding hairline that combines a widow’s […]

Young Jordanians innovate to tackle food insecurity — Global Issues

Aya Kraik, a participant in a WFP/ UNICEF youth innovation project in Jordan.

Jordanians are dealing with multiple overlapping challenges including slow economic growth, high youth unemployment, water scarcity and increased cost of living. With 63 per cent of its population under the age of 30, Jordan has one of the youngest populations in the world, and youth engagement and mobilization is crucial to finding solutions to food […]

Jamaican minister rejects workers’ abuse claims on Canadian farms | Migration News

A worker packages mushrooms at a Canadian farm

Montreal, Canada – Jamaica’s labour minister has rejected complaints from Jamaican farm workers who say they face conditions akin to “systematic slavery” in Canada, saying he observed “no evidence of mistreatment” during a recent visit to farms in the province of Ontario. In a statement sent to Al Jazeera on Friday, Karl Samuda said he toured […]

‘We Are Go for Launch’ of SLS Megarocket


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32 of the Best Bob Hairstyles for Your Next Haircut

32 of the Best Bob Hairstyles for Your Next Haircut - 32 of the Best Bob Hairstyles for Your Next Haircut

My hair has recently reached that awkward in-between length. It’s no longer the mid-length lob that I visited the hairdressers for last year, but it can’t quite be considered a long hairstyle yet. Instead, it’s sitting rather uninspiringly on my shoulders, causing me to seriously consider going for the chop. I’ve experimented with shorter hairstyles over the years but have never taken the plunge […]