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Russian Plant Reportedly Burning $10 Mil in Natural Gas Daily

Among all the other destruction war brings, there are also the environmental consequences. As conflict rages, nations intensify their focus on weapons and political strategy over climate mitigation and ecological regulation. And Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine is no exception. European Union sanctions and Russian retaliatory export bans seem to have left a Russian natural […]

Moderna Is Suing Pfizer Over the mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines

Photo: Thomas Lohnes (Getty Images) Moderna and Pfizer are set to wage legal battle over the technology that led to their respective covid-19 vaccines. Moderna is now suing Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech for the alleged infringement of patents related to the development of a viable mRNA vaccine platform that Moderna claims to have […]

Texas Releases List of Banks That Are Bullying Fossil Fuels

Pumpjacks between Midland and Odessa, Texas.Photo: Eli Hartman/Odessa American (AP) Texas is standing up to bullies—big banks that bully oil and gas, that is. This week, the Texas’s comptroller’s office released a list of financial firms and funds it has determined are “boycotting” the oil and gas industry, directing pensions and other state funds to […]

Horizon Show’s Creators are Umbrella Academy & Killjoys Alums

Image: Guerrilla Games Earlier in the summer, news broke that Sony was going to bring its sci-fi RPG franchise Horizon Zero Dawn to the small screen via a Netflix adaptation. Watching post-apocalyptic humans battle big-ass robot animals sounds like something that could work as both a game and a TV concept, and Sony’s eager to […]

Star Trek 4 Loses Director Matt Shakman to Fantastic Four

Image: Paramount Following the report on Friday morning that WandaVision director Matt Shakman is in the running to helm Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film, it’s now being reported that he’ll be leaving the fourth Star Trek reboot film as a result. Previously, Shakman was announced as the film’s director in summer 2021 after he jumped […]

Banana Hair Masks: Benefits + Recipes For All Hair Types

Banana Benefits for Hair

Could bananas be one of the world’s most perfect foods? You be the judge. Popular? Check. Convenient? Check. Tasty? Check. A superfood? Check. Let’s find out why bananas deserve this characterization and how it benefits our health and hair, no matter your hair type or your season in life.  Banana Benefits for Hair   Potassium […]