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Sony raises PlayStation 5 prices in most markets citing ‘challenging economic conditions’ – TechCrunch

Sony raises PlayStation 5 prices in most markets citing ‘challenging - Sony raises PlayStation 5 prices in most markets citing ‘challenging economic conditions’ – TechCrunch

Sony is raising the price of PlayStation 5 in most major markets, citing “challenging economic conditions” such as high global inflation rates and adverse currency trends, the latest in a series of challenges engulfing the current generation gaming console. The new price  — which largely varies between $30 to $100 — will affect customers in […]

Keeping Hope Afloat in a Sea of Uncertainty — Global Issues

Keeping Hope Afloat in a Sea of Uncertainty — Global - Keeping Hope Afloat in a Sea of Uncertainty — Global Issues

Hanadi teaches Syrian children computer skills at a UNICEF Jordan supported Makani centre in Za’atari refugee camp. Credit: UNICEF/Toby Fricker Opinion by Toby Fricker (za’atari refugee camp, jordan) Thursday, August 25, 2022 Inter Press Service ZA’ATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan, Aug 25 (IPS) – “I think I’m making a difference. I’m really helping,” Hanadi tells me, as […]

Shocking Photos Show China’s Historic Drought

Security officers stand in the dried-out riverbed of the Jialing River in Chonqing on August 20.Photo: Mark Schiefelbein (AP) Conditions in China are devastatingly hot and dry—and they’re dragging on. Government officials say that the heat the country has been experiencing for weeks is the most intense heat wave China has seen since modern records […]

NDTV says Adani will need approval from Indian regulator for bid | Business and Economy News

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NDTV founders look to stymie hostile takeover bid amid concerns over media freedom. New Delhi Television Ltd. said the Adani Group, will need approval from India’s markets regulator for its hostile takeover bid, amid wider concerns that the acquisition may muzzle the country’s independent press. The conglomerate, led by Asia’s richest person Gautam Adani, needs […]

The ‘But It Came Out in 2007’ Meme Comes to Ruin the Movies

Screenshot: Gizmodo Better late than never, the meme of the summer is here. Which is a relief, since the meme cycle has been grim, lately. We just went through a brief flirtation with the “Dark Brandon” series, in which libs appropriate the type of fascist imagery involving “God Emperor Trump” that was popular with the […]

Rohingya exodus explained in maps and charts | Rohingya News


August 25 marks five years since a brutal crackdown by Myanmar’s military forced more than 700,000 Rohingya to flee from Myanmar’s Rakhine state to neighbouring Bangladesh. Today, that number stands at more than one million. The Rohingya are a mostly Muslim ethnic group who have lived in Buddhist-majority Myanmar for centuries. However, Myanmar does not […]

What Makes Andor Unique?


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Facebook, Twitter disrupt pro-US influence operation: report | Technology News


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter disrupted pro-United States covert influence operations that used “deceptive tactics” to shape opinion in Central Asia and the Middle East, according to a report by internet researchers. Dozens of fake accounts promoted pro-Western narratives while trying to discredit countries including China, Russia and Iran over a nearly five-year period, according to […]

How China Could Choke Taiwan’s Economy With a Blockade

How China Could Choke Taiwans Economy With a Blockade 1024x683 - How China Could Choke Taiwan’s Economy With a Blockade

For decades, Beijing has had its sights on Taiwan, the self-governing island that China claims as its own. It has built up the People’s Liberation Army with the goal of ultimately taking Taiwan, if efforts to unify peacefully fail. It has modernized its forces, developing the world’s largest navy that now challenges American supremacy in […]

Retro Concept Art From NASA Makes Our Imagination Soar

NASA concept art depicting the Apollo 13 mission (which never actually made it to the lunar surface). Illustration: NASA I’ve always been a huge fan of NASA’s concept art—sometimes you need to see what the future might be like to get sufficiently hyped. Missions to space often involve cameras that document these journeys, and it’s […]