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The 21 Celebrity-Backed Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Actually Use


Photo: Courtesy of Rhode Everyone loves to hate on celebrity beauty brands, whether it’s because they seem inauthentic, reek of money-grubbing opportunism or simply take up more space in an already-overcrowded beauty market. But, like it or not, there are some that are getting things right. As it stands now, quite a few celebrity beauty […]

A Palestinian mother on hunger strike for her son, held by the PA | Israel-Palestine conflict

Ahmad Hreish

Beitunia, occupied West Bank – Mukaram Qurt, 58, has been on hunger strike for more than a week, protesting her son’s prolonged detention in a Palestinian Authority (PA) prison. Despite her tough exterior, the toll of the strike is apparent from the constant tremble in her hands, and the creases under her dark grey eyes. […]

12 Facts About the Animorphs Book Series

Shelf featuring books in the Animorphs series.

In 1996, Scholastic published The Invasion, the first installment in the Animorphs series. The children’s book opens with blue centaur-like aliens giving human children the power to transform into any animal they touch. They must use their shapeshifting abilities to protect the Earth from the Yeerks, another species of alien that crawls into people’s ears […]

3 Ways to See WhatsApp Last Seen if Blocked or Hidden (2022)

See WhatsApp Last Seen if Blocked or Hidden

Can’t see a person’s last seen on WhatsApp? Well, whether the other person has hidden their last seen status or blocked you on the platform, there are workarounds to track and monitor their WhatsApp online status and activity. Using free apps, you can quickly see when someone was last active on WhatsApp web or mobile […]

Spiced Cherry Red Is the Juiciest New Hair-Color Trend for Fall 2022 — See Photos

Model Lindsey Wixson with cinnamon color red hair while wearing a red leather jacket outside.

The Color: High-intensity auburn The Look: Irish genetics, Miranda Hobbes, Joan Holloway-Harris The Method: Hazelton believes red hair can be worn by anybody (kind of like a Kiss Me I’m Irish T-shirt on St. Patrick’s Day). But appreciating your skin’s undertones helps narrow down the options: Warm faces and brighter, orangier color (SZA, Scooby Doo’s […]

11 Weird Posts Facebook Promoted Due to the Celebrity Page Bug

Earlier Wednesday, Facebook endured the digital equivalent of what happens when you drink one too many and your body says: “No, ma’am.” It filled users’ news feeds across the globe with very weird posts that random people had sent to celebrities like Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj—stuff that wouldn’t turn up on the app’s […]

Pakistan court grants interim bail to former PM Imran Khan | Imran Khan News

, Khan’s lawyer Babar Awan gave his arguments where he said that the three individuals who Khan was accused of threatening, were not a petitioner in the case filed. [Abid Hussain/Al Jazeera]

Islamabad, Pakistan – An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad has granted interim bail to Imran Khan, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former prime minister, in a case registered against him last week for his remarks against senior police officials and a female judge. The judge, Raja Jawad Abbas, on Thursday granted Khan bail until September […]